The Story of Billy Joel

The Story of Billy Joel. Starring Andy Mudd


 Andy Mudd, overThe Story of Bill Joel_LARGE WITH TEXT the past few years has been Joe Longthorn’s musical director and also Freddie Starr’s Musical director, but now he has moved on to star in his very show. ‘The Story of Billy Joel’

Every song that Billy Joel recorded had a true story behind the song, and that’s where this fantastic idea came from.

Andy has put together this talk with humour and music show about all of Billy Joel’s songs, he then plays and sings the song he is talking about. It’s a strange feeling when you know the true story then listen to the words of the song.

Apart from looking like Billy in his early years, Andy also has the vocal talent to sound like Billy Joel at his best.

This is a show not to be missed, it’s a sit back and relax show with everything from humour to stories to singing and great sounding tracks to sound exactly the same as the great man himself.