The Pensionaires

The Pensionalities are made up of Henry Hall, 84, and Malcolm “Malc” Sykes, 75, from Doncaster, South Yorkshire. After growing up in coal-mining towns near each other, they have been performing as a singing duo, belting out classic hits, for five years, under the name The Pensionaires.

They were renamed The Pensionalities for the show to side-step legal difficulties because there is a rival act in Canada with their original title.


After singing You Make Me Feel So Young at their audition — dressed in coats, scarves and flat caps — the pair got a standing ovation from the audience.

Simon Cowell even clicked his fingers to their rendition, and compared them to Ant and Dec.

Both the lads’ fathers were miners, and Henry’s first job was at a motor cycle firm, which paid him just £1.50 a week.

He then took over a motor company in the 1960s, and retired 44 years later.

At that point Henry longed to return to his first love, singing, and soon met Malcolm through Probus, a worldwide network of businessman.

Malcolm had tried to make it as a crooner for several years after he turned 25 in 1966, but got tired of “living out of a suitcase” and soon gave it up to work in a garage, and sell furniture and carpets.

For the 35 years before forming a duo with Henry, Malcolm hadn’t been on stage, but grew his confidence again by performing at birthday parties and events before they auditioned for BGT.

The pair also love dancing and enjoy getting recognised in the street by selfie-hunters after appearing on the ITV programme.