The Jukes “Down At The Diner”

jukes-new-with-bandThe Jukes

Perform a show called Down at the Diner based on a story of four lads getting together and performing a King Sizejukes-tn-smalld Portion of American Music from the 50’s & 60’s the Boo Wop days.

Wayne Samuels, Ajay Jackson, Brad Pepper and Liam Kelly are The Jukes with lots of experience, great voices from Bass to Tenor and of course Falsetto for songs by Franki Valli & The Platters Etc…

The lads individually have all worked in Theatres, Hotels, Golf Clubs, Private Functions and lots more…



The Jukes


Landmark All American Musical

Stage Show



Their journey starts at the end of a working day in the late 60’s, Where four normal working lads end a daily shift, Drinking strawberry milkshakes & ice cold cokes. They discover that they all have a passion for music, over in the corner is a “Rock-Ola” Jukebox with all the big hits from the 50’s & 60’s. They listen with intent, dream and chat about making the leap across the pond to being stars themselves. They rehearse in the hope that one day they will be on their way to stardom. This show is about how four ordinary guys make it big..


They Become Stars!!!!

In conjunction with Angle Entertainments