Northern Sopranos

About The Northern Sopranos

‘The Northern Sopranos’ specialise in Opera, Classical Crossover, Musical Theatre and Big Band Swing and beyond. The duo was born out of  a longstanding friendship of two highly experienced, talented solo artists with a unique blend of individual experience, spanning over 3 decades in the music industry.

With a love of performance and musical talent, inherited from their grandparents, Lisa and Sarah will take you on a musical journey, through their breath-taking vocals, beautiful harmonies, glitz and glamour and a touch of humour, guaranteed to deliver an evening of outstanding musical entertainment.

Through the unforgettable genres of opera, classical crossover, musical theatre, big band swing and beyond, this versatile, charismatic duo will have you on the edge of your seats; laughing and crying in equal measure, guaranteed to leave you feeling at least 10 years younger.