Edison Lighthouse

EL 4Edison_Lighthouse_Band_03_960pxFrom the early 70’s to the present day the band has featured Brian Huggins (front man and lead vocalist) and Peter Butt (bass and vocals). In 1973 Rick Foster joined from Chicory Tip (who had a massive hit in 1972 with “Son of My Father”) and more singles followed. “Can’t Stop Me Dancing” was a disco hit in Germany (with a gold disc), and the excellent Giorgio Moroder composition “Today’s a Tomorrow” eased into the charts after getting on the playlist in 1974.

Drummer Stephane Booroff went for the original audition in 1969 held to put a band together a band that would go on the road and tour “Love Grows”, but fate intervened and his band’s van broke down and he never made it, but… now he’s with the band 45 years later!

The LP “Love Grows” sold very well in Scandanavia and the band toured extensively in the nordic countries where it remains popular to this day.EL 2

The current line-up is:

Brian Huggins – Lead vocals
Peter Butt – Bass Guitar
Stephane Booroff – Drums
Simon Aldridge – Lead Guitar