Duo Acropole

Duo AcropoleDSC_0611_00096_GF

 You are invited to enter the universe of two talented artists, in which a subtle blend of grace, strength, flexibility and agility, proves that acrobatics can become poetry.Scan10002

Together they form a matching and bewitching pair.

This ode to the beauty of the body in motion will awaken your emotions. “

Marie and Eric are French; they are both graduates of sports management and education.

Marie is France champion of artistic aerobics. She represented France at the European Championships (Ukraine, Hungary, Finland) and the World Championships in Brazil. She does ballet and modern jazz since the age of 6 years.

Eric is a former footballer and sports coach for top athletes.

Their meeting saw the birth of DUO ACROPOLE.

 slov52Touring the world, these two acrobats have appeared on cruise ships, in casinos, TV shows, galas and prestigious cabarets. Their performance was rewarded with a moving passage on the famslov11ous and legendary stage at the Olympia in Paris.

Discover a breathtaking show, dynamic, powerful and original that will not leave you insensitive ... so let it tame you and make you roar with pleasure! (duration: 30 ‘)

 “On tour in the world, the Duo Acropolis offers its shows in the biggest cabarets, circuses, galas, events shows, TV shows and cruise ships.

Their talent has been awarded several times including a moving passage on the legendary stage at the Olympia in Paris and also in TV shows. “rccl12

“… A chance to discover a very talented duo proving that acrobatics can also become poetry …”

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