Andrey and Ruslan Fomenko. “Cube Triu”

photo-06photo-04Cube Triu

is the stage name of Andrey and Ruslan Fomenko. Their acts are little plays, funny stories about the relations between two absolutely different characters. A trifle causes a conflict situation that both try to get out of by means of magic tricks and absurd actions.

Who are they actually? Actors? Magicians? Clowns? All those. And neither in fact. The artistes have simply created their own trend, comic and dramatic, expressed in the language of magic parody.

So, welcome to “Cube Triu”!


“Cube Triu“ was original created by Andrey and Nikolay in 1989.Their way to the stage both started in 1970 – the year they were born.

Nikolay visited a circus studio in Kursk, his native town, and dreamed of becoming a serious, classical magician.

Andrey, who was born in Lvov in a family of circus artistes, didn’t feel like getting involved in that scene. He wanted to make a good cartoon director. Yet, as he had grown up, he got a liking for magic tricks and entered in 1986 the variety department of Kiev Circus School where he met Nikolay.

Their attitude to magic diffephoto-05red as much as it could. Nicolay was developing an image of a serious conjurior; Andrey was quite ironical about that traditional way of performing and prefered to make up gags.

However, as they had to hold their second-year exam, they decided to make a common sketch to single themselves out of the number of the other students. Their attemt was a success. The teachers found their sketch quite original and peculiar, which urged Nikolay and Andrey to make further co-acts. They began their colaboration with giving their duet the strange name of “Cube Triu” that was also supposed to attract attention to their extraordinarity. As a duet they began to transform their ideas into stage acts and were engaged by Kiev Music-Hall. Paralelly they continued their studying at the Circus School which they successfully graduated from in 1990. After that the duo worked:

The duet “Cube Triu” took also part in TV galas,variety shows and circus programmes in Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Argentina, Paraguay, Belgium, England, Spain, Holland.

As well as a strong career as a performer, Andrey has worked in theatrical project in the capacity of a director. In 2001 he completed a 5 year Director’s Diploma at the Karpenco-Karogo Kiev Theatrical Institute.

Since Ruslan’s joining, the brothers spend most of their time polishing the basic repertoire of “Cube Triu”, as well as working on new material.

“The Candle”  –

“Magic School”  –

“Smoke on The Water” (Juggling)  –

“Rope Routine”  –