Revival A Tribute to ABBA

Award winniblank_poster_smallerng ABBA Tribute Band REVIVAL™ have recently been voted as the UK’s Official No.1 ABBA tribute act by the Agent’s Association of Great Britain.

Revival’s renowned ABBA stage show has proved a hit time and time again in the UK and the world over, wowing audiences from Europe to the Middle East.

Since the summer of 2006 Lisa (Anni Frid), John (Benny), Nina (Agnetha)and Marcus (Björn) have been pushing ABBA Revival™    to be the best it can be.
As Lisa puts it, “It’s not just a case of singing the songs. We have to Generic_poster_chopperbecome ABBA.

Every line of every song, every nuance of each verse and chorus is ingrained in the audience sub-conscious and we don’t have any margin for error. I think that makes us nervous and puts us all on our toes before a show. It’s a good way to summon up the energy to deliver a great performance”

Nina otherwise known as Agnetha on stage is a true self proclaimed ABBA fan. For her, performing in this tribute band it is literally a dream come true. “I have been listening to ABBA for as long as I can remember and used to act out dance routines and songs with my friends. And the great thing is, the band are all passionate about ABBA music too and we love performing. I think that comes across and the audience gets a real buzz from it. We love what we do and hope that it shows. We get such a kick when the audience is singing and dancing along!”

REVIVAL™ takes their audience on a musical journey back to those heady pop-tastic disco days when ABBA ruled the dance floor!. They’ll guarantee to get everybody dancing – even the biggest party grouch will be throwing shapes in no time….