Robin Good


Robin Good



Here we have a guy who all of his colleagues in showbusiness have nothing but admiration for….

Take a man who in the course of the evening plays a wealth of instruments including FLUTE; MANDOLIN; BANJO; GUITAR; PIANO; CONCERTINA; HARMONICA; PENNY WHISTLE; SOPRANO SAXOPHONE and anything else to hand; has a voice which will astound you and while doing all this, keeps you laughing all the way and you have ROBIN GOOD…..Mr versatile.

 The man has so much talent that in one night there is no way you would see his full potential.

 Robin is in constant demand at home and abroad, having worked venues on SIX CONTINENTS;    FLYBACKS ; CIRCUMNAVIGATED the WORLD doing CRUISE LINERS and travelled the length and breadth of Great Britain performing in Theatres, Cabaret rooms, Clubs, Corporate work and Pantomime.

 Robin carries 8 PIECE BAND PARTS and can also work self contained. Being a talented songwriter, having penned over eighty songs, Robin is currently on his fourth successful Album.

 If you were expecting ‘End Of The Pier’ then you would have been disappointed. Robin has an extremely modern approach to the old variety standard.

A Non stop Fun Filled Musical Comedy Extravaganza!